WhatsApp Chat Bot & Contest Platform

  • Client: Television & Media Group
  • Date: April 2019

Project Info:

Television & Media Group
Kolkata, India
Mass Media & Entertainment
AI-powered chatbot development


  • Chat bot to drive audience engagement with quizzes and games
  • Analytics engine to derive actionable insights from conversations
  • Reporting and dashboards for senior management with demographic-wise, geo-wise drill-down
  • Custom targetable metrics which can be tracked across the audience engagement lifecycle
  • Localization support for Indian languages & parsing
  • Cloud deployment & architecture using AWS

A chatbot-powered integrated and dynamic polling system with a web-based admin portal to help drive engagement for one of the leading regional-language daily TV channels. The system was deeply integrated with the programming & content of the daily shows on the TV channel and used Whatsapp message-based polling for questions asked daily during the air time of the various shows. Viewers could message in the correct answer through Whatsapp to a phone number shared by the channel linked with this automated system. Winners who had answered the questions correctly were chosen automatically on a weekly basis and awarded prizes.

This system enabled the channel to measure, engage and monetize the broad audience platform they had built like never before. This was the first time Whatsapp rather than traditional SMS was used for TV audience engagement purposes in Eastern India.