About Renderbit

Who we are

We collaborate with startups and early stage businesses to create powerful technology platforms. Think of us as more of a creative partner or an in-house CTO-as-a-service. This means we have a shared perspective on how we can work together to achieve your goals.

What matters to us

We understand what a growing business needs, and that understanding translates in our team as perseverance, agility and hustle. A technology platform building process is closely tied to being lean and scalable. Because what is even the point of an expensive non-scalable app?

What we do

We design the technology platforms to work and scale massively on the cloud from day zero, and we do not have any technical debt to legacy platforms or components. Our team is continuously keeping abreast of the latest ever-changing best practices for MVC framework development & zero-downtime cloud deployments.

How we do it

Agile Software Development is what enables us to follow through in our timelines. Early and continuous delivery of key parts of the software operative flow, helps in early feedback and correction, that saves precious time down the line. Working software is delivered frequently (within weeks, rather than after months) in sprints.

Have questions? Get in touch!

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