Trucking Logistics Platform

  • Client: Smart Trucks
  • Date: April 2016

Project Info:

Smart Trucks
Mumbai, India
Shipping and Logistics
End-to-end platform development

A collaboration platform where users can post load requests and truck owners can benefit from the load requests. Consists of portals for five types of users: admin, super admin, truck owner, driver, customer.

Renderbit engaged with Smart Trucks - a company based out of Pune, India - to build a collaborative platform in time for the launch of the product into the market for various truck owners to use.

The challenges faced by us in this project was to build the platform in such a manner that it cloud easily operated by truck owners and truck drivers, all well as cargo owners who want their loads to be transported from point to point. Fleet owners would use this platform to monitor their fleet status, deployment and be alerted of any critical issues in real-time.


Earlier often times the customer whose load is being transferred from point A to point B would have to pay twice as there was no way to know if the truck has to return empty and at a complete loss to the truck owner. Route optimization with load parameters helped the truck owners to maximize the profits in ana industry which was struggling to justify its costs.