Cylinder Condition Monitoring

  • Client: Shipping Company
  • Date: January 2018

Project Info:

Shipping Company
Mumbai, India
End-to-end platform development


  • Ingest engine to streamline the inspection process on shipboard
  • Analytics engine to derive actionable insights from the collated data points, in conjunction with domain experts
  • Reporting and dashboards for senior management with clearly demarcated areas of concern
  • Consistent measurement & inspection process while minimizing the impact of operator errors
  • Cloud deployment & architecture using AWS

Main engine cylinder condition and wear & tear monitoring with predictive maintenance platform for shipping.The platform reduces this lag time while making the inspection process simple and easy by enabling the decision makers with real-time data points and insights.

Using data collected from onboard a ship into our platform, we were able to have near real-time monitoring of the parts on the ship and maintenance can be scheduled accordingly along the route. Basis historical wear and tear data for engines, we also introduced predictive maintenance into the platform powered by an AI-powered learning algorithm. The vessel onboard data is also shared with on-shore domain experts and consultants who can share and provide their feedback in real time to shipboard personnel. Daily reports are generated and shared with management as well.